Thanksgiving – The Day in Pictures   8 comments

It started with a refreshing brisk walk to my sister’s for breakfast (Swedish Pancakes!)


Food, Fun and how many computers can you have on at one time?!


Then off to Dave and Jody’s for the Thanksgiving Meal! But, first a walk!


The tables are set…


The turkey was carved… Jamie was ready for Turkey!


The gang was all there…


 What a wonderful ending to a perfect day…


Thank you all for a wonderful day!  Now I am going to sleep off all this food!!

8 responses to “Thanksgiving – The Day in Pictures

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  1. Interesting series for Thanksgiving and I especially like “The tables are set…” so tastefully composed!

  2. Wonderful post

  3. Beautiful photo memories Lana!!
    Now head on over so we can go to the Goodwill!!

  4. What a beautiful day!!

  5. How beautiful! It all looks like something that came out of a lovely magazine!

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  7. Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  8. Story-book pictures and post.
    (but now I see it wasn’t Ellen’s table, but Jody’s)

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