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I copied this from Discipleship Journal a few years ago.  Couldn’t tell you which issue, couldn’t tell you who wrote it!  Oh well … 

Discipleship Journal

“Israel because of their fear, missed God’s best (promise land). Virtually every time God calls someone to do something in scripture, he pleads with them: “Do not be afraid.”

Spiritual cowardice worms its way into our souls when our eyes become obsessively focused on our circumstances and when we’ve lost our interior vision of God as our soul’s strength.

The courage not to quit is often the thread by which our Christian growth continues.

Fortitude is more than forcing yourself to put on a brave face. It is an inner strength that relies on the provision of God to help both our minds and our hearts respond in a Christlike manner.

We need to leave the outcome of our battles to the Lord. It is when we try to control outcomes that we fail to have real faith in him.”

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Photo Hunters – Smelly   16 comments



Bathroom in Italy at a rest stop!

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