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We have these two trees in our backyard.  I couldn’t tell you the name of these two trees, but boy are they show offs!

This is what they looked like on June 1st:


Four months later, this is what those same trees look like:


For more Show & Tell head on over to There is No Place Life Home.

Posted October 11, 2007 by Lana G! in Garden, Show & Tell Friday

27 responses to “The Trees

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  1. How lovely these are, and how very different they look 4 months later. God’s creations are so amazing.

  2. Amazing. They almost resemble berries of some kind. But I bet they’re nuts inside the shell perhaps? *shrug*…..Indeed, the tree IS showing off….such beauty.

    My show n tell is shared, won’t you drop by and have a candy or two?

  3. The flowers look like a Dogwood in a way, with the exception of the pointy petals.

  4. Very neat! Whatever it is I would think that you enjoy it’s beauty very much! I know I have!

  5. I like both shows. The first show-off is my favorite though. I love the way the petals turn. Beautiful…

  6. Oh, I love it! When we recently moved, we left all our deciduous trees behind for evergreens (with the exception of a couple of aspens — whose roots have been gopher food lately, so they aren’t looking so good!). I have to get a Newport Plum and a Chokecherry in here next spring. I love evergreens, but I need some color variance and flowers and berries, too!

  7. very pretty and beautiful photography

  8. How beautiful! I have never seen a tree that looked that way. How unique Thanks for sharing ~Amy

  9. Absolutely Beautiful!!

    my first show and tell is up

  10. That’s fascinating! As my mom would say, “Isn’t God creative?” 🙂 Love it.

  11. The first one looks like a dogwood, maybe. What great photos you got of both. They have “bling”.

  12. What interesting little fruits or nuts in the second picture! I’ve never seen anything like it. I have to confess I love the bloom stage better, though. It’s prolific in both stages!

  13. That is an amazing tree, indeed! I’ve never seen such fruits! And the white blossoms are so pretty!

    How nice to see somebody else posting garden pictures on S&T, too!

    Best wishes from Germany,

  14. Awesomw!!! How beautiful and colorful!! Wish you had a distance picture tooooo!

  15. Hi Lana 🙂 Such an interesting and talented tree! I think it must be related to the dogwood but have never seen fruit like that. How wonderful to see something altogether new today. Blessings! Q

  16. I’m not sure what they are either, but they are very pretty with flowers or berries.

    Cathy 🙂

  17. I love your trees! How beautiful to watch the change – from beautiful flowers to splended looking berries! Thanks for sharing

  18. Wow what a great tree. Very pretty.

  19. That is an incredible tree! Do the flowers have a scent? That looks like some sort of exotic fruit – have you cut one open to see what it looks like inside? It’s beautiful to look at, that’s for sure!

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  21. It is a dogwood, if it blooms in June it is probably a Kousa (korean dogwood). The fruit is edible but not very tasty. I have grown these trees. Yours is beautiful.

  22. It is a Kousa dogwood, the fruit is quite safe to eat, but the texture leaves a bit to be desired. You can create a lovely jam by using a plum recipe- substituting the berries for the plums. The more room the Kousa has to grow, the lovelier it will become. Mine flows with blossoms, so much white you can hardly see the tree! Don’t worry if you experience an “off” year every four or so years. Have fun, that trees a treasure!

  23. Beautiful flowers. I wonder if it’s related to the buckeye, as the fruit looks very similar. Squirrels and deer love them, and my Grandad said if you carried one of the buckeye nuts in your pocket, you’d never get the rheumatizum.(sp)

  24. Beautiful flowers. They are amazing. My husband and I are starting to do some gardening. I was wondering, where can I get this plant? I would love to have one in my backyard.


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  26. The white one is the Kousa Dogwood Tree. I just found on online what it is called, my neighbor has one and I just love to walk by it. They are even more beautiful in person.

  27. It’s a Kousa Dogwood. Here’s a wikipedia quote from
    “… The Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa or Benthamidia kousa), also known as the Japanese Flowering Dogwood (Yamaboushi (ヤマボウシ?)), is a small deciduous tree 8–12 m tall, native to eastern Asia. Like most dogwoods, it has opposite, simple leaves, which are 4–10 cm long.
    The tree is extremely showy when in bloom, but what appear to be four petaled white flowers are actually bracts spread open below the cluster of inconspicuous yellow-green flowers. The blossoms appear is in late spring, weeks after the tree leafs out.”

    Elaine Waisglass

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