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I store junk useful items in my trunk because I lack storage space due to my gypsy commuter lifestyle (living in WA and working in CA). I had an issue with these useful items flying around in my trunk (be careful when opening the trunk, items due tend to shift during takeoff and landing!)  To solve this little problem, I installed a Shower Curtain Tension Rod in my trunk.  You read that right!

Take a look:

trunk.jpg           tuesday-017.jpg

Now all my stuff stays put;  I can find what I need;  and I have plenty of space for more junk in my trunk 😉 and that definitely works for me! 

Head on over to Rocks in My Dryer for more WFMW tips and tricks!

Posted September 25, 2007 by Lana G! in Solutions, Works For Me Wednesdays

16 responses to “WFMW – Trunk Rod

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  1. This is absolutely brilliant!!!

  2. Hey, that’s a pretty good idea!

    I just store junk in my trunk. I cleaned out today, and I kid you not, I filled up half a street garbage can with the contents of my car. Some was from the main part of the car, but most of it was from the trunk. **BLUSH**

  3. Great idea!

  4. I like it! How carganized!

  5. This is an AWESOME tip! I’ve tried to think of ways to keep groceries from sliding around – this is a great idea!

    Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife

  6. Great idea!!

  7. Very handy! I will pass this on to my hubby who drives the car with the junk-filled trunk.


  8. GREAT idea!

  9. Fantastic idea!!!! So inspired!

  10. Okay that was brilliant. I will have to go out and buy a curtain rod!!!

  11. You’re one smart cookie!

  12. very clever!!

  13. Now aren’t you smart!

  14. GENIUS!! I am going to do this!!!!!

  15. Now THERE’S a good idea!

  16. What a good idea!
    Ive never seen someone using it, but it’s the best idea to leave things in place.


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