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The Fall Into Reading 2007 challenge is here!  Here is my reading list for Fall:

Non Fiction:

Get out of That Pit  by Beth Moore  Review Here

Kingdom Triangle: Recover the Christian Mind, Renovate the Soul, Restore the Spirit’s Power by J. P. Moreland


Dearest Dorothy, If Not Now, When? by Charlene Baumbich

Home to Holly Springs (Father Tim, Book 1) by Jan Karon

Voyage of Slaves: A Tale From Castaways of the Flying Dutchman by Brian Jacques

The following 5 books by Dorothy Sayers:

Gaudy Nights

Busman’s Honeymoon

The Five Red Herrings

Murder Must Advertise

 The Nine Tailors

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khalid Hosseini

Peace Like a River by Leif Enger  Review Here

Disclaimer!  This list is subject to change on a daily basis! 🙂

Just Added (See what I mean):

Candy Cane Murder (Hannah Swensen Mystery) by Joanne Fluke

Magic and Other Misdemeanors (The Sisters Grimm, Book 5) by Michael Buckley

Head on over to Callapiddar Days to see all the other reading lists out there and join the fun!

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42 responses to “Fall Reading Challenge

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  1. I have not heard of most of your books, thanks for sharing! I will have to look into them!

    Blessings, Hugs & Happy Reading,

  2. I’m behind with Brian Jacques…
    So far the The Nine Tailors is my favorite Sayers…
    Happy Fall reading.

  3. I love the Dearest Dorthy series. I have seen Peace Like a River on several lists so I am going to add it to mine and get it from the library. I have also seen The Kite Runner on many lists … I want too but I like to be uplifted not depressed at the end of a book. 🙂

  4. Your disclaimer made me laugh! Is that the new book by Jan Karon?

  5. Looks like a good list! Dorothy Sayers is on my “I really need to read her books” list… just haven’t gotten around to it yet! Thanks for joining the challenge.

  6. After I read “Peace Like a River”, I decided it needed to go on my Top 5 All-time Favorites list! It was THAT good! I hope you love it! He really knows how to write! I’ll be watching to see if you post a review of that one! Good luck, happy reading, and happy fall!

  7. Great list. I am so looking forward to the newest Father Tim novel! You will love Get Out of That Pit! It was life changing for me!

  8. LOL I love your disclaimer, I should have added that to mine……..I know I’ll be changing mine or adding more to it.

    Great list, I love Jan Karon 🙂

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am excited that someone stopped by who knows what Slava Bogu means!

    I like your disclaimer. I need to add it to mine. 🙂

    Happy Reading.

  10. Oh, and I meant to add that I really enjoyed looking through some of your photos.

  11. A Thousand Splendid Suns and Peace Like a River are both on my to-be-read list; I’ll be interested to find out what you think. I’ll also be looking forward to your review of Home to Holly Springs. Happy reading!

  12. Lana G!,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I see we have a couple similar titles. I’m sure I’m destined to get hooked on Mitford, which means I have quite a few books to add to my list at some point!

  13. Wow, Dorothy Sayers – I have read all of them being a teenager and I keep re-reading them at least once a year. I am so in love with that Lord Peter 🙂

    Hey, I am a frequent flyer, too 🙂

    Thanks for saying ‘hi’ at my blog and have a great reading time,

  14. Thanks for adding my latest (#6 in the series) “Dearest Dorothy” book to your list! (www.dearestdorothy.com)

    *I read Dorothy Sayers’s “The Mind of The Maker” (nonfiction) WOW! LOVED it.

    *”Peace Like a River” is worthy of ANYONE’S list. Brilliant!

    Have you read “Gilead” by Marilyn Robinson? That book was SO richly dense, I started using it as a devotional. I’d slowly read until I simply HAD to stop and prayerfully think about something that was said. Wonderful.

    Happy Fall Reading!
    Charlene Ann Baumbich

    Charlene! MY PLEASURE! I have so enjoyed the Dearest Dorothy books. Thank you for bringing her into my reading life!

    I am really looking forward to reading Peace Like a River and will definitely have to look up Gilead – that sounds like a great book!

    Happy writing, looking forward to more Dorothy books!

  15. Great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy reading!

  16. Great list, wish I had put a disclaimer on mine! 🙂

  17. I think my list is going to be changing on a daily basis, also! I have started reading The Other Boleyn Girl and now I want to read other books by Phillipia Greggory! Have fun reading!

  18. Reading your list reminded me of books I forgot to add to mine:-) HAHA!! I’m so excited about all the reading we’re all going to do…now if I could just hire someone to clean my house for the Fall….LOL!!

  19. Great list! Happy reading!

  20. I’ve seen A Thousand Splendid Suns on other lists. I may have to check that one out. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  21. Thanks for stopping by Bibliophile’s Retreat. I am looking forward to reading Sushi for One. There are so many good books out there I could plan a list that would last me a year and still not get them all. Oh well! Happy Reading Lana! ;~D

  22. Thanks for stopping by,wonderful book selection.Happy Reading Lana 😉

  23. I love your disclaimer. True of me too.

  24. Thank you for stopping by my blog. For some reason Mice and Acorns are my thing this year. heehee 🙂
    I like your reading list. Isn’t is funny … my personal list will most likely change a million times before Winter, that is the joy of libraries huh.

    Have a great time reading.

  25. I almost put get out of the pit on mine, I do want to read it really bad. Maybe I will add it next time!


    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  26. Great list! Happy reading.

  27. Hi, Lana!

    thanks for dropping by my site. i’ve never heard of the Dearest Dorothy books but the feedback here on your comments board is encouraging. need to find myself a copy of books mentioned here.

    enjoy your fall reading!


  28. Looks good! Thanks for the comments. We are really enjoying HP, as we have all of them. I also think Miss Julia rocks and I LOVE the #1 Detective Agency books. Did you know the #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency is going to be made into a movie? I’m so excited! Have you read the “Yada Yada Prayer Group” books? If you like Sisterchicks, you’ll love these too. 😀

  29. Great list! I look forward to seeing what others’ thoughts are on A Thousand Splendid Suns and Peace Like a River. A lot of us have those on our lists!

  30. Thanks for stopping by!

    I got to go to the Get Out Of That Pit simulcast at a church nearby. It was awesome! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book and get a lot out of it!

  31. I have read Get Out of That Pit–it is a wonderful book. I am asking for the Home to Holly Springs book for Christmas–it will have to be on my Winter reading list. Thanks for stopping by. I may add Peace Like a River since everyone else seems to be reading it.

  32. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve only heard of a couple of the books on your list!
    BTW, I love the fall pictures you posted! 🙂

  33. I like your disclaimer – I should add that to mine. My book list seems to change often!

  34. Wow! Great list! I looooved Peace Like a River!! Thanks for stopping by my place.

  35. I love your disclaimer. I always end up with more books at the end of these challenges than I had when I started. Thanks for stopping by to check out my list. I really enjoyed Get Out of That Pit. I hope you like it.


  36. Okay, you know I loved “Peace Like a River” and I hope you do too!

    Jan Karon has a new book?!?! WHEN?!?

    And I forgot all about Dorothy Sayers! I wanted to add her to my list after reading your and Ellen’s lists last go ’round!

  37. I am just finishing up “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and I think it is a beautifully written, touching book. I hope you enjoy it.


  38. Hi Lana,

    I had never heard of Khalid Hosseini until joining this challenge. I will have to check him out.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Look forward to reading your reviews.


  39. Great list! I see some I want to add to my own. 🙂

  40. Enjoy your fall reading! Thanks for stopping by!

  41. I like your disclaimer! Still haven’t started my Peace like a River but see you’ve finished. I’m excited about a new Father Tim book coming out.

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