Show & Tell Friday – Russian Blue Collection   21 comments

Today for Show & Tell Friday, I would like to share my Russian Blue Collection as I call it. All these pieces were gifts from Russia brought back by my parents and friends who have visited. Steve and I have not visited Russia as of yet. I love the blue coloring in these and they have become my favorites, especially the tea cup!


Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend! For more Show and Tell Friday posts, head on over to There is No Place Like Home!

Show and Tell


Posted September 6, 2007 by Lana G! in Collecting, Russian, Show & Tell Friday

21 responses to “Show & Tell Friday – Russian Blue Collection

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  1. O! stunning I have never seen them before and can truly understand why you love them so much, when the day comes and you take that trip to Russia I see you will need extra cases to bring more home………what a lovely collection.

    I am so pleased I dropped in to see your show & tell tody.


  2. Ph these items are absolutely stunning!!! What treasurers.

  3. Ooooo, Lana, your Russian Blue collection is magnificent, and I see why the tea cup is your favorite. Blue has always been my favorite color, so I especially appreciate your lovely collection.
    Desert Lady

  4. I’m speechless! They are absolutely gorgeous Lana!!

    Great Show N Tell!!!

  5. Such a beautiful collection! I’ve always loved the Russian decor on dishes, the colours are amazing!!

  6. Just absolutely beautiful. Love the vivid coloring.

    Take care,

  7. They are beautiful. I love blue and white anything it seems. I love the two ladies.

  8. They are beautiful. My sister went to Russia many years ago. She had such a nice time there. Sarah

  9. Gorgeous! It sort of reminds me of my Polish Pottery. It has many of the same blues.

  10. Well you know I’m partial to Blue especially in dishes. Lovely. I love the t-cup too and I’ve got one just like it that I bought at you know where!

  11. Awesome collection! Those are beautiful.

  12. What a lovely collection! I like the two ladies best. Are they salt and pepper shakers or figurines?

  13. Those are simply beautiful. Thanks for showing them.

  14. WOW! Beautiful!

  15. You have a lovely collection!
    Mrs. C

  16. Very beautiful!

  17. gorgeous collection. I love the ladies there.

  18. Your camera takes great color! The scarves on the ladies reminds me of pictures I’ve seen that your Dad took from one of their trips there – and how they still wear them like that.

  19. Gorgeous treasures, wow! I love the teacup!

  20. How beautiful and I agree–I love the blue too! What a special collection!

    Cathy 🙂

  21. What lovely treasures! Every single on of them is exquisite! I particularly like the–I don’t even know what to call it–large teapot/maker/server! Whatever it is called it is unique and elegant.

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