Photo Hunters – Dirty   45 comments

PhotoHunt 73: Dirty

Dirty – I have two photos for Dirty



This is what happens when you take a picture and don’t realize the flash is on! 

A dirty screen revealed!



This was on top of a trash can, in the non-smoking area at the airport.


Posted August 31, 2007 by Lana G! in Photo, Photo Hunters, Photography

45 responses to “Photo Hunters – Dirty

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  1. Good shots for dirty. I fear it doesn’t take a flash to reveal what lurks inside my screens. Nothing nastier than cigarette butts and this is from someone who didn’t manage to quit until 2001.

  2. Doesn’t the flash reveal all. I feel the same about the dog ends (what we call cigarette butts here in England). I didn’t stop until 2001 either! Happy weekend

  3. ewwwwww that last one is icky!

  4. gross

  5. hahaha, love the 2nd picture. i have seen places with no smoking signs but that’s where you’ll see the most smokers or in this case, cigarette butts 😛

    have a great weekend 😉

  6. Eww.. that last shot is gross!

  7. Ohhhh that second one is soooo gross!!!! Great choices for the theme .. 🙂

  8. Oh great shots, that second one particularly so!

  9. Yucky! Now that is some serious dirt!

  10. Ick, that second one makes my stomach turn!

  11. Oh my, those cigarettes look so nasty!

    Happy Weekend.

  12. wow, the butts are perfect for dirty!! Love that shot!! Perfect.

  13. Ewwww… I think that all of my screens look like that.
    THanks for your swwet words that were left on my blog.

  14. Yuck!! Two sites in a row for me with cigarette butts. gross!

  15. Good shots for dirty…doesn’t look good to me the second image though…

  16. The first photo reminds me that our screen needs some cleaning too. 🙂
    Cigarette butts in a non-smoking area is not a good sign. Sadly some people disregard rules. Great intrepretations for the theme.

    Thank you for visiting.

  17. EWWW! Yuck

  18. great choices! have a brilliant weekend 🙂

  19. Ok, in the NON-smoking part of the airport??? What part of non-smoking don’t they understand????

    ICKY on both pictures!

  20. Ooo…the flash found you out!

    And yuck!!! I hate seeing butts lying around…particularly where they aren’t supposed to be!! Gross!

  21. Yuck. The cigarette one definitely fits the bill and then some. Great idea for the screen shot.

  22. Double yuck! If you are interested here is what I thought was dirty at Pollywog Creek.

  23. Yucks! The last photo takes it all! I see such dirty acts everywhere. Why can’t smokers be more responsible?

  24. Smokers are the most uncaring people in the world! Great shots – I’ve done that flash thing sometimes 🙂

  25. Cool photos! Really a great entry for this weeks theme..Nothing is more dirty than that cigar butts! 🙂 Mine’s up too:D

  26. Great shot of the butts, but(haha)oooh how DISGUSTING!!!

  27. I’ve been surprised by dust that shows up in pictures that I didn’t see beforehand. 😳 Cigarette butts are so disgusting!! Great pics for today.

  28. Great photos. I almost posted one of an ashtray too, but decided against it. Have a good weekend.

  29. cool! cigarette butts on a NON-smoking section? lol
    happy weekend!

  30. Good entries for this theme. BTW, the cigarette butts are there because those people had to get rid of their cigarettes before they proceeded on. They weren’t smoking in a non-smoking area.

    Come and see mine.

  31. great entries for this week. 🙂
    i think my laptop screen looks exactly like your first pic *LOL*
    have a great weekend!

  32. great shot for the theme. i love the second shot.

  33. Great shots.

    I refuse to discuss my screens.

  34. Cigarette butts on top of a trash can – some people are just too lazy to pick up the cover to properly dispose them. Great shot though of the cig butts.

  35. Oh man… *cough cough* …

  36. Great photos for dirty. Cigarette butts and cigarettes themselves are incredibly dirty and yucky.

    My Photo Hunt this week.

  37. Yes, that is dirty!!
    Mama BEar

  38. Cool pictures for the Dirty theme!

  39. Interesting photographs. The second is enough to put you off smoking if you smoke!
    Sara from farmingfriends

  40. Yuck, nasty dirty cigarettes. Great photos for the hunt.

  41. Oh, how disgusting!!! Great photos!

  42. Which reminds me, my windows need some attention, lol.
    Your 2nd pic is not only diry but also very disgusting , great choices for the theme!

  43. Happy Saturday, our screens look like that 😦

  44. Oh you’re right! Dirty ashtray!

  45. Great shots! Neat how the screen picture turned out!

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