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Flew into Boston yesterday with just a slight delay due to those beautiful thunderheads in the above pictures I took from the plane.  It was drizzling just a tad and slightly humid.  While waiting for my shuttle to the hotel, I heard some real horror stories from people who flew Northwest.  Most had all their flights cancelled. What a nightmare!  I am so glad I was not flying Northwest!


Arrived at the hotel and had a surprise waiting in my room – a beautiful birthday bouquet of flowers from one of the sponsors at the convention!  I had just enough time to change and head to the convention center for the Welcome Dinner and Reception.  The entertainment for the evening was Chicago.  Sing with me, “If you leave me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me.” 


Here are some pictures of the evening:


Today, I was in meetings all day.  But the highlight of the day was our keynote speaker, George H.W. Bush. He is one funny guy and looking quite dapper for 83 years old! More pictures from today’s events:


Quote of the day from GHW Bush: “Sure, I was once president, but now I have three more important roles: husband, father and grandfather.”


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5 responses to “Boston-Day 1 & 2

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  1. The clouds and Rainier are glorious! Love that sponser who sent you that beautiful birthday bouquet! Check your email. Your room looks really nice, too. Hats off to GHW!
    miss you….

  2. …..oow oow oooooow baby, please don’t go” — I was singing along with you and Chicago 🙂 Looks like fun so far and bet the bed felt good after a loooong day of travel.

  3. What great pics you took from the plane! What a nice surprise you had waiting!

  4. I love the photos from the plane — the sky is a never-ending delight, isn’t it? And I’m always dazzled still by the wonder of flight.

    It sounds like your convention is fabulous. How exciting to see the President. And I agree — he does look great for 83.

    Have a great time and a safe trip home.

    And happy birthday.

  5. So glad the flowers were there for you.
    Enjoy and have fun when Steve gets there.
    Love you

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