Today is My Birthday!   16 comments

Today is my birthday (#44) which means its my twin brother’s birthday as well!  Happy Birthday Leonard!  You are my friend, my brother and I love you very much.  What God has allowed us to experience together and apart in life has made us who we are today.  The trials, the valleys, the mountain peaks and the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ is beyond what anyone can imagine.  I thank him daily for you.  May God richly bless you and lovely Mandy as you now get to enter the world of parenthood. 


Happy, Happy Birthday to us!





Posted July 29, 2007 by Lana G! in Birthday, Events, Family, Photo

16 responses to “Today is My Birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday to the both you you!!! May you have many, many, many more together. Love your photo montage above, very nice! — Donlyn — Photos UnBoxed Custom Scrapbooks (My sweety is an identical twin. Twins are double the love!)


    My sister in law is preg with twins, I am soooo excited I get to be Auntie.

    Be thankful you had to read that instead of hearing me sing. =) Have a great day

  3. Happy Birthday Aunt Lana! Laura and I love that we get to see you as often as we do! We are so glad you are family. May God bless you this year, do you really expect us to believe you are 44? hah, maybe like 36? maybe…

  4. Happy Birthday, Lana G!!

  5. Happy birthday, happy happy birthday. May you find Jesus near every day through the year . .Happy birthday to you (and Leonard) and the best one you’ve ever had. Did you sing that as a kid . .or maybe still do?

    All the best Lana G.

  6. Happy Happier Happiest Birthday, dear Lana G.! Today is my husband’s birthday as well. What a great treat that I now have a built in reminder. You July babies rock!

  7. Happy Birthday, Lana! (and your twin, Leonard!)

  8. Happy Birthday, my wonderful aunt! I love you and am so thankful to God for you today.

  9. ohh, I just noticed the new signature at the bottom of the beautiful collage…I like it!

  10. ***Happy Birthday, Lana!!!*** I hope you are having a wonderful celebration!

  11. Happy Birthday to You and Your brother 🙂

  12. happy birthday!!

  13. Happy birthday you youngster! Too bad you weren’t able to be in Huntington w/ the rest of the fam. I’m sure they did plenty of celebrating in your’s and Leonard’s honor.

  14. Happy birthday to you both. What a joy to have you in my life on the fourth of July and Thanksgiving…and whenever the Wind blows our ways together. Go in grace. Choose joy. Honor the King.

  15. A (belated) very happy birthday to you!

    Thanks so much for your kind, warm comments on my blogiversary post!

  16. Happy belated birthday my blog buddy!

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