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Mary over at Owlhaven is hosting a blog carnival called My Childhood Home.  She is inviting people to write a post on their childhood home.  Head on over to her blog to check it out.  Here’s my post…


This is a current picture of the house I grew up in. My sister Ellen took this photo for me – Thank You!
The porch itself brings back all sorts of memories.  Here are the highlights:

  1. Playing hide and seek with the neighbors.  The door is where whoever was “it” had to count.

  2. Playing hopscotch on the sidewalk leading to the front door – oh the joy!

  3. Coming home from church and interrupting robbers coming out of our front door carrying off our stereo – that was scarey!  All of us ended up sleeping in the living room together because we were so spooked by the experience!

  4. Kissing boyfriends good night!

What I remember most about this house and my childhood there, was the amount of parties and get togethers we had with family and friends.  Our house was a popular house for church functions and the youth groups we were involved with loved to come and hang out at our house.
We have a large family and this house had plenty of room for 7 of us 8 kids that lived there. As my brothers and sisters got married, it was fun to see the growth of our family as the nieces and nephews started to come along.  My parents loved to entertain and the food and fellowship was always joyful.  We would sing hymns and praise songs in Russian and English.  Those are some pretty fond memories! 
I think my favorite memory at this house is walking past my mom and dad’s bedroom and seeing them on their knees praying. It was a great home to grow up in!

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9 responses to “My Childhood Home

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  1. wow our house never got robbed when I was child. All the houses around us but never ours. Not until I had left home and had my own children anyway.

    Ahhhhhhhhhh LOL yes kissing boyfriends goodnight at the door but I wasnt really a child then.

    thanks for sharing

  2. What a beautiful memory to see your parents praying. I hope to instill that same memory in my own children’s mind, and to teach them the importance of prayer.

  3. great Story!!!!! Thanks for sharing.. Great memories!

  4. I like your memories. I think I was married and gone for the burglary. The dinners and parties were great. You didn’t mention the fire you and Leonard started in your bedroom! 🙂

  5. Precious memories for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  6. Happy memories– thanks for sharing!


  7. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog very much. It is a sweet place to be. Your hawk was amazing. And so photogenic. And I love the small idea for the beach. Cute theme for a fun walk on the beach.

    Thanks for coming by my place. Hope to see you again soon.

  8. I love your collage what a great way to share the theme of tiny….great choices….

  9. wow, it’s soooo nice to be living near the beach! 🙂
    great choice for the theme for the week! 😉

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