WFMW – Socks for Shoes   3 comments

Here’s a solution that I found in Real Simple Magazine:

Men's Socks Can Protect Your Shoes

This is an easy and affordable way to protect your nice shoes from wear and tear when you’re traveling.  Grab your husband’s old CLEAN socks and stick your shoes in them.  Your reward will be scratch-free shoes when you arrive at your final destination! Works For Me!


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3 responses to “WFMW – Socks for Shoes

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  1. I like that tip a whole lot more than having to darn old socks!

  2. Oh, brilliant! In fact, I have some tender shoes that like to get banged up in the closet, and I unfortunately didn’t save their shoe boxes. I believe I’ll use this tip for those right now!

  3. Good idea, and very practical.

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