WFMW-Expanding Waist Solution   12 comments

Alter Pant Waistband with Rubber Bands 

Alter Pant Waistband with Rubber Bands

Here’s a solution that I found in Real Simple Magazine for altering pants to accommodate an all of the sudden larger waist, whether it be by a new pregnancy or a double cheeseburger.


If you have a button and a buttonhole (shown above), or a wide hook and eye, loop one rubber band through the buttonhole or eye and then secure the other side around the button or hook.


For tab-front pants with two buttons, loop two rubber bands (or ponytail holders) through one another like a figure eight, then attach each loop to a button on either side.


Now you don’t have to waste money on a desperate pants purchase. Works for Me!


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12 responses to “WFMW-Expanding Waist Solution

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  1. Unforturnately, I know how gr’ate this works! Any hints for the hook and eye pants?

  2. Yep, that is a good one for the “unexpected” times

  3. Boy do I need that solution after all these parties and company and eating, eating, eating…

  4. I totally did this when I was pregnant…one word of advice – do NOT use old rubber bands! lol They break. I used two or three of my daughter’s coated elastic hairbands during my last pregnancy. Great tip!

  5. I did this when I was pregnant, too! It worked great for me, since most maternity pants took a long time for me to fit into, but my normal ones just didn’t quite work anymore… Love it!

  6. I did this in the first trimester and right after I had a kids. Works great!

  7. I totally did this when I was pregnant with Jack! ssshh…sometimes, I still do this. 🙂

  8. My MOM, who would be 86 if she were still living, did something very similar with safety pins when she was pregnant with ME! She didn’t want folks to know, so she just chained the pins together for a long, long time. I bet she would have had a really long link of rubber bands!

  9. I came by to check out your recipes – but this is a cool idea – thanks for the tip – I do WFMW too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. Great tip! I’ve done this too, during pregnancy – w/ hairbands – in varying sizes, depending on the need. LOL about your “by a new pregnancy or a double cheeseburger” phrasing 🙂
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    I’ll be back to visit yours again…

    Mrs. H, you are welcome here any time!

  11. THANK YOU, thank you, t h a n k y o u. That is a marvelous idea. You just saved a Greek woman who lives permanently in Hungary (East Europe). The best hint anyone ever has shared with me. Thanks again. BIG kiss.

  12. I guess also a paper-clip could work as well!!!!

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