Graciousness – Woman to Woman   12 comments


 Woman to Woman: “Share an important quote and what it means to you.”  

Hosted by My Many Colored Days.

This is my first time participating. Here is the quote I would like to share with you today:


“Graciousness is shown by what you don’t say,
even if what you could say would be true.”
Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall


The context for this quote is forgiving your enemy and not saying a “truth” that would make them look bad.  Graciousness is biting your tongue so that you do not damage your enemy’s reputation.   So often we would like to have the last word and retaliate with a great one liner to bring our enemy down and bring them down hard.  But, as Christians we are to pray for our enemies and to turn the other cheek.  It is God’s job to have revenge not mine.

We must be gracious, even to our enemies – HARD, HARD lesson to learn. May we all be gracious today!

If you would like to participate and share your favorite quote, head on over to My Many Colored Days.


12 responses to “Graciousness – Woman to Woman

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  1. Oh my that is good. May I be gracious today!

  2. Great quote, and love the pic of the hydrangeas! I have several bushes in my yard, but they don’t quite look that pretty…yet?

  3. A good quote and a reminder we need to constantly keep in mind.

  4. oh i love that… there is a similar quote i often think about… “worry not what others think of you, but how they feel when they are with you.”

  5. Oh, wonderful quote! And an easy question to remember to ask myself, “Am I being gracious?” Thanks for sharing!

  6. I must remember to be more gracious! This is such a great reminder and example of the true forgiveness that we all must have!

  7. I love the word “gracious”. I think there is so much of that grace and care missing in today’s society. We tend to forget what really makes one beautiful is that sense of grace not matter the trials we face.

  8. Very good thoughts to remember. Thank you!

  9. I love your post today… we all need to be reminded of the importance that being gracious projects to others. Thanks for joining in today.

    Have a wonderful evening!

  10. I’m glad you joined in today and thanks for visiting with me. This is a great thought, and one I am working on as I approach my 60th birthday!

  11. I like this quote! Knowing when to keep quiet is as important as knowing when to speak!

  12. Oh, this was excellent! It’s so hard to be gracious sometimes, but it seems like that type of person just stands out and glows. A worthy goal, for sure.

    Thanks for participating with Lei and me this week. I’m back from vacation and trying to get caught up on all these links. They’ve been great and I hope you come back next time.

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