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I love to bake! But, the one thing about baking that I do not like is greasing pans, cookie sheets, whatever.  Grease is definitely not the word.  That is why I love my silpat.  What is a silpat you might be asking?  Here’s a quote off their website:

Silpat® can turn any pan into a non-stick surface.
Place the silpat on sheet pan when working with sticky materials such as batter,
taffy, caramel, or anything your imagination allows.  It won’t stick, and it will save you a mess! 
Silpat® does not need to be greased, saving both time and money. 


Does it Work?  Well, let’s bake some scones and find out for ourselves shall we:


Works for me! The scones slid right off the silpat! Would you like a scone?

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7 responses to “WFMW – Silpat & Scones

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  1. Beautifully illustrated. Wonderful results. Will you be making more say on Sunday morning…

  2. Maybe, just maybe! 😉

  3. I’ll take some!

    They were yummy!

  4. I’ve never heard of that – I’ll have to see if I can order it online.

    You will be hooked!

  5. I bought some of these right before Christmas…just in time to help with all the Christmas cookies, etc. They really are wonderful.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You’re always welcome.
    I’ve enjoyed my visit here tonight and will return.

    Kat, don’t know what I would do now without my silpat! You are welcome here anytime! I will also be visiting you as well.

  6. Can you use the Silpat to cook things like oven baked french fries tossed in a little oil?

  7. Hi Lana,

    I just stumbled upon your site while looking for an image of a Silpat. I am thrilled to hear you love to bake and that you love your Silpat and wanted to let you know Demarle has a whole line of nonstick flexible bakeware products, such as muffin trays, mini tartlet trays, all kinds of cute molds, et cetera. They are available through independent reps, not in retail stores. But if you love the results you are having with the Silpat, I highly recommend checking out the rest of their line. You can view the catalog at And if you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them!

    Happy baking,

    Rep ID #5142

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