You know you fly to much when…   8 comments


You know you fly too much when …

  1. The ticket agent knows you by first name. 
  2. You hug the flight attendant when you board the plane and she asks “Where were you last week? I missed you!”
  3. The flight attendant remembers that you like hot tea with lemon
  4. You recognize about 6 or 7 other passengers on the flight who fly just as much as you do and they recognize you too.
  5. These fellow frequent flyers are asking how your weekend was and remember specifics from your last conversation!
  6. The plane you take home is nicknamed “The Cheers Plane” because “Everyone knows your name!”
  7. You are automatically upgraded to first class if there is an availabilty (THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!)
  8. Your fellow frequent flyers are jealous if they don’t get upgraded and let you know about it!
  9. If you are not in first class, the first class flight attendant still brings you hot tea with lemon 🙂
  10. Your frequent flyer friends plan a Christmas dinner so you can meet the spouses, etc.

It just cracks me up to see how many other people fly the same route as I do every week!

Happy Monday to everyone!  If you see an Alaska Airlines plane flying over this morning, wave, it might be me inside that airplane! 🙂

Posted June 18, 2007 by Lana G! in Random, Travel

8 responses to “You know you fly to much when…

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  1. Girl, I love this post…
    Say hi to Long Beach guy from the island that likes red wine…

  2. You jet setter, you!

  3. That is so cool. You totally deserve it. Go girl! God is just taking care of our special sister.

  4. I know exactly where I’m coming to receive the latest, greatest tips on flying. I have a trip to TX in July, and honestly, I’m a nervous nellie about flying. Loved your list. How about posting your top tips? Pretty please?

  5. That is so neat! What a fun way to fly!

  6. Ellen, his name is Wesley! Character!!

    Lisa – two times a week!

    Kath – I love you!

    Elle-Your wish is my command – I will let you know when it is up!

    Kelli – I do enjoy it.

  7. That’s awesome!! It made me smile today. 🙂

  8. Michelle, I am so glad I made you smile! Love you tons oh niece of mine! 😉

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