Happy Father’s Day   2 comments


Posted June 17, 2007 by Lana G! in Events, Family, Holiday

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  1. L-O-V-E this picture…

  2. Heard a great sermon Sunday on the degree to which God is our father, the level at which he wants to participate in our lives, how much more, as the verse says, he will give us good things than even our earthly fathers. It’s a comforting reminder for those of us who have lost our daddy’s here.
    An image that has always stuck in my mind was from when I was hiking with a friend in the Olympic Forest a few years ago. On one of the winding paths, we noticed a Middle Eastern family. Their very little boy fell behind, studying some bit of moss, and suddenly realized he couldn’t see any other family members. In a panic and in tears, he began to run crying about “Abba. Abba.” It reminded me at a very deep heart level that, as Jesus said, we have a spirit that permits us to cry out “Abba, Father.” I can still, when I particularly need God’s comfort, hear that little boy’s voice crying “Abba. Abba.” and I realize that my Abba is very much my daddy now, and is always listening.

    Cynthia, I love the Abba Father picture you painted for me with your story of the little boy. I am glad that the sermon on Father’s day comforted you. I could imagine that Father’s day would be tough without your dad. Thank you Lord that you are our Abba!

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