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God’s Pencils   2 comments


Reading a book on prayer a while back, I decided I would try their suggestion of writing my prayers in a prayer journal.  What I discovered was that this method works for me!  I really enjoy writing my prayers in my prayer journal.  My prayer times tend to be more focused and I have clarity in my thoughts. Basically, I’m  just writing a letter or actually an instant message to God!

Here’s an excerpt from Emilie Griffin’s Doors into Prayer that talks about written prayer:

Sometimes written prayers help us. They are so structured, so clear.  They organize us and sometimes it is good to write our own prayers, or to pray with a pencil or pen in hand.  As we pray, we write; or, better yet, the writing is the praying.  Henri Nouwen spoke of writing as a journey into the unknown, one which would lead us to find surprising depths within ourselves.  Somehow, in my mind, I have connectd the idea of writing a prayer with the famous saying of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.  She called herself “God’s Pencil,” an instrument of God’s will.

If you are experiencing a dry spell in your prayer life, mix it up a little.  Try writing a couple letters to God; you may find it a breath of fresh air in your time with the Lord.

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