Monday Flight Day   2 comments

Mondays are my flying days down to California to start the work week.  I will be in the air, above the clouds catching up on my reading and writing; working on lofty thoughts 😉

Here is a shot from the air on one of my recent plane rides!

Lovely, isn’t it!


Posted June 11, 2007 by Lana G! in Random, Travel

2 responses to “Monday Flight Day

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  1. Wow, 2 mountains (volcanoes) in one shot. Gorgeous!

    The flight down is very scenic depending on which side of the plane you’re on! It was an uneventful flight and quick! Nice tail wind today.

  2. Great photo. What a glorious sight.

    I have always loved the view from the airplane window. Even when there’s not much to see, it’s beautiful — all that blue sky and the sun glinting off the silver wing. But when there is scenery, that’s a real delight.

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