God’s Caress   2 comments

God’s Caress
Amy Carmichael

What is the hush, that like a heavenly air
     Of clearer blue
Enfoldeth me, A Presence everywhere-
     Or like the dew
White on the grass, cooleth, refresheth me
Until the dawn is all alight with Thee?

“Child, it is I; for I, thy Lord am here-
     Beneath, above,
Around, within thee, nearer far than near-
     An air of Love,
A dew of peace to cool thy weariness.
Child, it is I. This hush is my caress.

Posted June 9, 2007 by Lana G! in Christianity, Encouragement, Faith, God, Jesus, Life, Poetry

2 responses to “God’s Caress

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  1. Beautiful! The photo and the words! I wouldn’t mind having this photo for my site header. Is it yours? If not, where can I find it?
    We are off for a long baseball weekend. My 10 year old has an out of town tournament. It’s going to be hot,hot,hot but still about 10 degress cooler than what it will be down here next month!
    God Bless you today,

    Scotti, the photo was taken by my friend at work. That is Laguna Beach in So. California. I will get his permission for you to have this photo! I love baseball! Our Mariners won last night – barely. But they won! Hope he does well in the tournie! God Bless you as well and try to stay cool! 😉

  2. Very beautiful indeed. Waiting to hear where and when you took that photo, also…

    It is lovely isn’t it!!

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