Twins – Fun Photos for Friday!   22 comments

Did I mention I’m a twin?  I have a twin brother.  We were born 6 minutes apart and we were both over 7 lbs! My mom was 40 when we were born.  Oh, and the most important note – she never told my dad she was having twins!  He was at work when we were born, so he found out when he got home from work and my brother Tim exclaimed, “Pop, Pop, Mom had two babies not one, two babies!”

That was her little surprise for my dad.  They already had 6 kids – 3 boys and 3 girls.  So when my brother and I were born, we kept it even – 4 boys and 4 girls. 

Twins have a very special relationship; a very special bond.  I love you dear brother of mine!

Here are some pictures of us through the years! 




I’m working on a twin poem.  Here’s the start…

Two tiny hearts beat in the womb
A beautiful duet singing in tune.
Two babies growing side by side
A boy and a girl, together abide.

You’ll just have to wait and see how this poem ends!

Update!  Just heard about Show and Tell Friday over at There’s No Place Like Home.  Check it out!

22 responses to “Twins – Fun Photos for Friday!

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  1. Twins really do have a special bond – I have first cousins boy and girl twins – and they seem to be able to read each other’s minds.

    I am trying to imagine NOT telling my husband that I was expecting twins – I don’t think I could keep it in for 9 mos 🙂

  2. My comment was eaten again. I think I said…
    Oh my gosh I forgot how cute you guys were. I need a copy of that photo. Love the post, love the photo’s, love my baby twin brother and sister! Oh and I love the beginning of the poem. Can one love too much…I think not.

  3. What a sweet post and pictures!! I can’t believe your mom was able to keep the secret for so long..I would have spilled the beans! LOL
    The poem is wonderful, I would love to hear the rest when it’s all finished!

  4. Your photos are so cute! I have twin nephews. When they were babies they had their own language that only they understood. Even now that they are 10 they still will say things only the other twin can understand!

  5. Kathie: So true, there are times we can finish each other’s sentences. I think my mom was a tad nervous because of the amount of children they already had! 🙂

    Ellen: Thanks and all that love backatcha! We have to figure out a way to copy that whole roll of photos.

    Kelli: Thanks for hosting the fun! I will definitely share the end result of my poem!

  6. Linda, how cute! My brother and I did not have a special language. But we sure could get into some trouble! We thought alike and that sure was dangerous! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I love you too…
    damn – we’re cute!

  8. Aren’t we!

  9. You two are still cracking me up! I’m stealing the picture to add to my post tomorrow…

  10. The pictures are great and the poem is adorable. I’ll be eager to see the finished poem.

  11. I am glad that you are still close with him. Thanks for sharing. I really like the poem.

  12. Way Cool. Love the poem.

  13. What a secret! I always thought having a twin would be so much fun! Probably saw (the old version) Parent Trap too many times!

  14. very cute and wonderful poem…

  15. Susan – Thanks I will be posting the finished poem soon! Thanks for stopping by.
    Marci – My brother and I are very close even though he is in Texas and I am in Washington! Thanks for coming over and commenting.
    Kim- It really is way cool being a twin. Thanks
    Myrna- It was quite the shocker. We were a bit of a handful my brother and I! The new Parent Trap is one of my favorite movies!!
    Scotti – Thanks! Funny that I have not done a twin poem yet! Go Figure!

  16. Great beginning to a sweet poem! Wow, what a family story you have! I can just see in my imagination the look that might have been on your Dad’s face as your brother spilled the beans. LOL!

    It’s nice “meeting” you. Thanks for coming by my place and leaving a comment!

  17. Susanne – His reply after sitting down to take the news in was (in a heavy Russian accent – “Get me some Manischewitz!”

    That was the strongest drink in the house at the time!

    That was also the year my father became a Christian – lots of great stories about that year!

    Have a restful time while the kids are camping!

  18. What a neat story. How blessed you are to have such a large family.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  19. May I set the record straight cuz I’m the one who got him the glass of…He asked for Punch! You know we always had Hawaiin Punch on hand, the syrup stuff that you added to water to make a pitcher of punch. The Manischewitz was for the stomach and my cramps! 🙂 TMI

  20. Lyndy, It truly is a blessing! Thanks for stopping by.

    Ellen! Too funny. See how rumors get started. Thank you for setting the record straight. I was too busy being born to remember all the details!

  21. Funny — I just spent the evening with a friend who has twins, a boy and a girl, age 11, and she was talking all about how close they are and how they look out for each other — and how she worries that neither will ever be able to find someone to marry who will be as close as their twin. What a surprise to come home and read that you are a twin — and had similar experience of closeness.

  22. Cynthia, too funny. We are both married. My brother just last year. We support each other but it was really hard when I got married!

    Looking forward to your book!

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