Hormones – A Poem for Friday!   1 comment



Give me an herb to stop the snapping.
What does it take to stop reacting?
I hate what I appear to be
When hormones get control of me.

My thoughts revealed. My tongue unbridled,
I let you have it. You weren’t entitled.
Please forgive my last tirade.
It’s all my fault. I am dismayed.

You don’t deserve what I dish out.
Lord, shut my mouth before I spout.
Dump these hormones, I do say.
Oh dear Lord, please take them away.

by Lana Giacumakis


Posted May 11, 2007 by Lana G! in Fun, Humor, Life, Poetry

One response to “Hormones – A Poem for Friday!

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  1. Girl! You are cracking me up. So true, so true. Shut my mouth before I spout! Amen.

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