Where do you turn?   2 comments


The muffled, distant sound had broken the quiet reverie of his walk across the meadow.  The sharp barking of a dog almost irritated him.  It was abrasive in that tranquil setting.  As the barking grew louder, his eyes scanned the meadow, looking for the culprit.

Suddenly a small doe broke through the edge of the woods.  Now he understood. Leaning against the fence post, the man watched with compassion as the doe cut across the broad expanse of  meadow.  She was running straight toward him.  He stood motionless, not wanting to add the fear of man to the animal’s frustration.  As the frightened fawn leaped the fence, she staggered.  The chase had taken its toll.  Her wet coat gleaming in the sun, the doe stopped, took a few steps in one direction, then , ears held high, looked back toward the sound of the barking.  The dog had broken through the woods.

Eyes wide with fright, confused, worn out, panting wildly, the doe surveyed her surroundings, quickly discovering the man standing beside the fence. Glancing back for an instant at the dog, in hot pursuit, then viewing the expanse of open field before her, she turned weakly and wobbled straight toward the man.  She approached him without fear and buried her head in his tummy.  Compassion flooded his heart and filled his eyes.  She had found a protector.

Beloved, where do you run in the time of need? When the hounds of trouble, worry, and fear pursue you; when the dogs of temptation, corruption, and evil seek to overtake you; when your energy is spent; when weakness saps you; when you feel you cannot run any longer, where do you turn?

Do you turn to your protector, the One who stands with arms opened wide, waiting for you to come and bury yourself in the security of all He is?

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it and is safe” (Proverbs 18:10)

Lord I Want to Know You by Kay Arthur


Posted May 9, 2007 by Lana G! in Books, Christianity, Faith, God, hope, Jesus, Life, Quotes, Reading

2 responses to “Where do you turn?

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  1. What a sweet picture, burying her head in his stomach. Thanks, Lana

  2. My favorite part too! I just love this little story.

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