Dinner at Mom’s on Short Notice   14 comments

While my sister Ellen over at the Happy Wonderer was having Lopsha for dinner at her house, I was having dinner at my mom and dad’s with my oldest sister Kathy, my nieces, Michelle and Melissa and of course Jack, Michelle’s son . 

We were cracking up because my mom said that she had short notice and couldn’t make much for dinner.  Here’s what “couldn’t make much for dinner” looks like at my mom’s:


(Thank you Michelle for taking these pics!)

The menu:  A persian soup called Âb goosht an everyday, economical meat based soup with garbanzo beans and tomatoes and whatever else you want to add. This soup was a meal in itself – but not at Mom’s!  She threw together some beef patties (katlety), corn, vegetables and our favorite salad – cucumbers and tomatoes.  Yummy! 

But wait, you can’t forget dessert!  Mom whipped up some wonderful phyllo bowls filled with a pudding and cream cheese mixture topped with a fresh strawberry sauce!  Delicious!

You gotta love going to Mom’s for dinner! Now, aren’t you wondering what we could have had if she had more notice? 

Here’s my favorite picture of Mom and Pop:



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14 responses to “Dinner at Mom’s on Short Notice

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  1. Love, love, love it! Ahhh, so close yet so far away. We need that persian recipe ASAP!

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  3. Wow, how funny, Nick and I had abgusht for dinner also. We made it this weekend and will be freezing the left overs. See Lana, you didn’t miss much. I will work on the recipe.

  4. so jealous!

  5. Vera! You are our trusty recipe finder! Too funy that we were all soupin’ it and you had the same soup! Love it!

    Leonard, DELICIOUS!

  6. Hmmmm, do I see cucumbers and tomatoes??? That’s a REAL hit with our girls (Russian-born)–the fragrance alone reminds them of Russia! Matter of fact, our kitchen isn’t “complete” unless there are cucumbers in the house! Loved reading how your mom thinks nothing of putting on such a great feast–it’s mind boggling to me!

  7. Connie, thanks for stopping by. I adore cucumbers and tomatoes! Your girls and I definately have that in common besides the whole Russian thing!

    My mom is a champ. She loves the cooking channels on TV and she has fun mixing recipes. Always fun to go there for dinner – Always a surprise dish.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  8. How wonderful!

  9. Maria, I am truly blessed with Godly parents who love Jesus and have passed that love down to their children.

  10. Going to Mom & Pop’s on Tuesdays has been such a refreshing time.
    I’m glad you’re joining us, Lana.

  11. Lana,

    Yes, that is a wonderful thing. My husband and I are both first generation Christians so we did not experience the warmth of a loving, Christ centered home. Yet, we are blessed to have the opportunity to change our legacy as we create that warmth in our home for our daughter 🙂



  12. Maria!

    That is truly the best legacy. Praying that each of your little lights will shine for Jesus from generation to generation!

    Lana G!

  13. Thank you, Lana.

  14. Hello,

    I live in Fresno, and wondered if you know of a place or person in which I could purchase authentic homemade, Lapsha noodles.

    Kind regards – Martin

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