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My sister Ellen tagged me and I am supposed to:

From books you have read: 

Name 3 Characters you wish were real so you could meet them.

Name 3 Characters you would like to be.

Name 3 Characters who scare you.

So here we go…..

Name 3 Characters you wish were real so you could meet them.


Aslan!  Oh would that be great!

Aunt Dimity!  I would love to have a journal talk to me.

Father Tim, from Mitford!


Name 3 Characters you would like to be.

Dearest Dorothy.  I want to grow old gracefully and not be a cranky old lady!


Nancy Drew.  Solve all those mysteries dressed so stylishly!

Hadassah – Wow to be so strong!


Name 3 Characters who scare you.

The witch in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

Dementors from Harry Potter – YUCK

Mr. Canis (hundreds of years old) from the Sisters Grimm books  – Granny’s companion and friend, this grouchy old man’s frail frame disguises his true self. Canis is, or was, The Big Bad Wolf, a murderous and legendary Everafter. The story of how he gained control of his other identity is unknown but his struggle to maintain dominance is on-going. 

With a descritption like that, you never know if he is going to be good or bad!

This was fun!! Okay I tag Maria, Karen and Jennifer

Update!  April 27th

Check out Maria’s responses in the comments section! 


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13 responses to “Real Books, Real People

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  1. Oh yeah! Father Tim…it would be good to have a meal with him and his artist wife (Cynthia) boy my old brain is failing me. Nancy Drew! now that would be cool.

  2. Thanks for tagging me. I will think about it and let you know when I get it up. Father Tim would be on my list, too!

  3. Ellen, Thanks for tagging me this was fun to do!

  4. Jennifer! I am so glad you are going to do this. It is a hoot! It is so much fun to see what people say. Looking forward to your post!

  5. Good choices on Father Tim and Hadassah! I love them! I always wanted to meet Dooley and Baranbus also.

  6. Moxy Media, thanks for dropping by. I think I want to live in Mitford actually!

  7. Oh, what fun! Any sister of Ellen’s is a friend of mine! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!

    The Witch is very scary–I agree. I didn’t think of her but she’s right up there with the scariest of scary. When I was a little girl I was scared to death of the Wicked Witch of the West. I used to run down the hallway when she came on our little black and white TV and then peek until it was safe to come out again.

  8. Kim, love your wicked witch story and I have you to thank for starting this fabulous tag! All the witches scared me – especially the Disney ones!

  9. Thanks for the tag. I’m giving it some thought and will return soon.


  10. Maria,

    I am looking forward to your choices!

  11. Okay, here we go:

    – Name 3 Characters you wish were real so you could meet them.
    Ben and Quan from Randy Alcorn’s novel, Safely Home. So much I would ask about the genesis and evolution of their eternal perspectives.

    Bottom from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream–I love incurable dreamers!

    – Name 3 Characters you would like to be.
    Anne of Green Gables – ahh, imagination!
    Elizabeth Bennett – ahh, wit and eloquence!
    Deborah – (although not fictional 🙂 – Israel’s leader, judge, and prophetess–and example of servant leadership.

    – Name 3 Characters who scare you.
    Macbeth and wife (capable of anything to have power)
    Ophelia (from Hamlet—spiritual and psychological weakness)

  12. I see a Shakespeare fan!

    Deborah was a great non-fictional choice. I didn’t even think to go that direction.

    Nicely Done! Thanks for participating. This has been fabulous fun!

  13. Thanks for inviting me to participate. I enjoy being launched into reflection. 🙂

    Looking forward to the next challenge.

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