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My testimony is a rather simple one. I am one of eight children. My twin brother and I were the last to be born into this wonderful Russian family. My mother was a Christian and my father became a Christian the year I was born. I grew up in a home where all my memories were of a Christian mother and father who reflected their love for the Lord openly and still do.

I can remember passing by my parent’s bedroom and looking inside to see them kneeling in prayer. They read their Bibles at the kitchen table. They carted all of us to church on Sunday morning and Sunday night as well as to prayer meetings on Wednesday nights.

Church was a big part of my life growing up and the majority of my social life was centered around church activities and my church friends. With all of that you would think that I became a Christian at my own church. But, I didn’t.

I became a Christian at a Pioneer Girls club that I had started attending with a neighbor girl. I was around 11 years old and one of the nights they had shared the gospel with us and asked if we would like to ask Jesus into our hearts. I said yes and that was the day I became a Christian. I was baptized shortly after that and my life continued to revolve around church.

Through the years, I have had blessings as well as struggles and hardships. The struggles and hardships seemed to have only brought me closer to the Lord. Life has not always been easy, but Jesus has always been there, teaching, prodding and molding my stubborn heart.  He has provided a rich heritage of believers in my life who were not afraid to live their faith. These gems have taught me and still teach me how I should live a Christ centered life. 

I could not imagine going through this life without Jesus, the lover of my soul and I look forward to meeting him when he invites me to my final home!  Until then, I want to be found faithful, ever growing in my walk with him.

9 responses to “Testimony Tuesday

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  1. What a beautiful testimony. You now have a new reader.

  2. Pioneer Girls? I don’t think I knew that. Amen, amen to the last paragraph!

  3. Amy, thanks for stopping by. God certainly changes lives in beautiful ways.

    Ellen – Yup! Pioneer Girls- go figure!

  4. I’m liking this testimony sharing. I’ve started it w/ my small group and some of my friends from Mariners. I’m so close to the women in my small group, and of the 5, I only know the testimony of 1!
    AND, now I know yours! I didn’t know you were in Pioneer Girls. Did you know I was in Indian Maidens…hated it! We couldn’t be like all the other girls and join the Brownies or Girl Scouts, huh? 🙂

  5. I know what you mean about testimonies! Isn’t it funny that we don’t know alot of people’s testimonies! I love to hear them. And Yeah Brownies and Girl Scouts weren’t a big thing with the Russians!

  6. I’m surprised you got to be a Pioneer Girl, what, with the whole communist kid brainwashing thing parents were concerned about. I guess by the time you came along their resistence was worn down by your 6 older siblings. (Oh dear, are we instant messaging again?)

  7. Yes and I love it!

  8. Praise God for what He has done and continues to do with us all.

  9. who is angela hunt that mandisa wrote the book with?

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