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We made it to Italy.  Italy is amazing and I will post more pictures and info later today!  Ciao

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One Game At a Time   Leave a comment

This is from Jan Karon’s book “A Continual Feast – Words of comfort and celebration collected by Father Tim”

You’ve got to take it one game at a time, one hitter at a time.  You’ve got to go on doing the things you’ve talked about and agreed about beforehand.  You can’t get threee outs at a time or five runs at a time.  You’ve got to concentrate on each play, each hitter, each pitch.  All this makes the game much slower and much clearer.  It breaks it down to its smallest part.  If you take the game like that, one pitch, one hitter, one inning at a time – the next thing you know, you look up and you’ve won.

Rick Dempsey, baseball catcher

Count Down to Baseball Season has Begun!

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Italy via London   1 comment

We arrived in London safe and sound; checked into our hotel and freshened up. Then it was off for touring and tea at Claridge’s. We took the tube from Heathrow into London. We arrived in Westminster and started our walking tour of London.
The weather was pretty nice.  It was around 60 degrees out. We walked out of the tube and there was Big Ben in all his finest.  The sun was peeking behind some clouds and it made for some great silhouette shots. 

We walked toward the London Eye.  We didn’t have time to go on the Eye.  The wait was pretty long and it is a 30 minute ride.  We did get some great shots of the Eye though. We then decided to walk to Claridge’s.  We went past Westminster Chapel and Trafalgar Square and  Buckingham Palace.  We decided walking was a great way to get over some of the jet lag. We walked a couple of miles and the fresh air was definitely doing the trick


Claridge’s for Tea – Highly recommend.  The nice thing about Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s is that men don’t have to wear a tie like at the Ritz.  Our last trip we had tea at Harrods.  Steve and I both like tea at Claridge’s better than at Harrods.


We ate in the Foyer.  There was music and the choice of teas was amazing.  I started with a nesChinese white tea with silver needles.  This is a rare tea and only available for a limited time.  Steve chose a Japanese green tea.  Our sandwiches were ham and cream cheese, organic chicken, cucumber, egg and salmon with a horseradish mayonnaise.  We were so hungry we had two plates of sandwiches!  Then came time for scones and desserts – we decided to switch out our teas and Steve chose the Mediterranean Mint and I went with the Earl Grey and Lavender.  LOVED MY TEA!  The scones were moist and delicious.  The clotted cream was perfect in texture.  The jam was, the right balance of fruit and sweetness – neither over powering the other.


The desserts:  Chocolate box cake, Strawberry Tapioca Delight, Fruit Tart and a Rose Cookie Sandwich.  The Rose Cookie sandwich was interesting.  It tasted like roses!  Weird sensation to taste roses rather than smell them! 

We then headed back to the hotel and the jet lag started to hit.  The bed was calling our name – loudly!  We had a great day in London and it will be an early morning to catch our flight to
Rome so Toodle Loo for now! 



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