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Corpse in First Class   3 comments

LONDON  —  A first-class passenger on a flight from Delhi to London awoke to find the body of a woman who had died in the economy cabin placed in a seat near him, British Airways said Monday.  

I saw this article on Fox News  and was directed to the Sunday Times for the full story.

This story intrigued me because of how much I travel and I found myself asking the following questions:

What would I do if a loved one died on an international flight?

If I was part of the airline crew, how would I handle this situation?

What would I do if this happened to a fellow passenger?

What if the Corpse was placed near me?

Would I reach out to the grieving in this situation?

Jesus Wept
John 11:35

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Ruth – Part 1   2 comments

We now move to our third woman in the geneology of Jesus listed in Matthew 1 – Ruth the Moabite.  Her story can be found in the book of Ruth.  She gets a whole book written about her and it is beautiful story.  

Ruth is the daughter-in-law of Israelites from Bethlehem – Naomi and Elimelek.  Naomi and her husband Elimelek move from Bethlehem to Moab with their two sons because of the famine.  While in Moab, Ruth (a gentile) marries Naomi’s son (an Israelite).  After some time, Naomi’s husband dies and then her two sons also die.  We are not told how or why, but we do know that neither son had any children.

The book of Ruth starts with Naomi mourning the loss of her husband and sons and hearing that back home in Bethlehem the famine was over – “the Lord had come to the aid of his people by providing food for them”.  Naomi and the girls start heading for Bethlehem.  While on the road, Naomi tells the girls to go back to Moab so that they can live with their families and find new husbands.  In tears, the girls tell Naomi that they will go with her back to her people.  But Naomi again tells the girls, stay with your families and find new husbands because she cannot provide any more sons for them to marry and even if she could, why should they wait and remain unmarried.  Naomi is bitter. No husband, no sons, no grandkids.  No way of providing hope of children for her widow daughter-in-laws. 

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