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Take me out to the Ballgame!   5 comments

I can hardly contain myself!  I love baseball season and we are off to Phoenix for Spring Training.  If you have never gone to a Spring Training game, you are missing out big time! 

Spring Training games are fabulous. It is like going to watch your big brothers playing their baseball games as a family.  The fields are nothing like the big stadiums.  You are up close and the atmosphere is so laid back, you forget these guys are big money making sports figures.  It’s little league on steroids – oops – did I just say that!

Sports Complex Basball Field


 Do ya see the difference! I’m telling ya! You’re not a true fan unless you have been to Spring Training!


Take Me Out to the Ball Game 

(1927 version)

Nelly Kelly loved baseball games,
Knew the players, knew all their names,
You could see her there ev’ry day,
Shout “Hurray” when they’d play.
Her boy friend by the name of Joe
Said, “To Coney Isle, dear, let’s go,”
Then Nelly started to fret and pout,
And to him I heard her shout…

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